New videos online on MY DGS! Research portal with videos and annotations now available online!

We have some important news for you!

  1. There are many new videos available online on MY DGS!
  1. We recently published the website "MY DGS - annotated" on which you can find videos of DGS with annotations. Feel free to take a look and explore the page! The portal is especially well suited for scientific purposes.

Please keep in mind that these two amazing pages are not to be confused with the publication of the dictionary! Over the next few years, we will gradually release the electronic dictionary of DGS step by step.


For more detailed information please visit the DGS-Korpus homepage via Public Corpus.


MY DGS can be directly accessed via:, MY DGS - annotated via


We as the publishers of these sites extend a warm welcome to all members of our sign language community and to everyone who is interested in learning more about DGS. We are looking forward to your feedback!


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