Attending the Deaf Academics Conference (DAC)

Deaf Academics Conference

From September 6 to 8, 2022, our colleague Julian attended the 11th DAC in Vienna.

The DAC was a pure attendance event with about 175 participants. Germany was the most represented country with 37 participants, 17 of them from the University of Hamburg. The conference language was International Sign. This worked pretty well for Julian, in case of doubt one could always find a way around. An academic event only for the deaf was an interesting experience!

Julian had a laptop with him in addition to his poster, which he used to show the DGS corpus.

All in all, there was an exciting mix of topics: for example, it was also discussed how it is to write a doctoral thesis as a deaf person and which hurdles there are. There was something for all interests: scientific topics were strongly represented, such as STEM vocabulary for teaching, but also topics such as the rights of deaf people in court proceedings or accessibility for deafblind people.

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