Announcement: Release 3 of the Public DGS Corpus

Hello from the DGS corpus team!
At the moment we are working in home office due to Corona, but the work continues there as well.
Now we have news for you!
There is a new version of the Public DGS Corpus: Release 3!
Especially on the portal for researchers, "MY DGS - annotated", there is much new content to discover. We have also made a few corrections.
New is, for example, the possibility to view the individual signs in context. If you click on a type in the types list, all occurrences of this type will be shown - together with some signs before and after.
In addition, some types entries now contain links to other resources, e.g. to already existing entries in the Digital Dictionary DGS-German or in the "Fachgebärden-Lexika".
There are many more innovations. Take a look.
How? The addresses are the same, of course:
MY DGS - annotated:
Have fun looking at it!

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